Zuma Downlights

Heard but not seen.

Hi-fidelity wireless multi-room sound system.

Sound and light,


With the ability to be integrated into every room of the house, Zuma downlighters offer an immersive listening experience, allowing you to bathe in sound.

Zuma Downlights offers the experience of being in the middle of a concert hall or tropical rainforest without wires, crowded power sockets associated with traditional mono speakers.

Immersive experience
in every room

IP65 water protection





Wireless multiroom audio

Zuma works in multiple zones, the bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, study, individually or connected all together to create a seamless experience.

Human centric lighting

Lighting that mirrors your internal body clock helps boost your mood on a morning and lowers cortisol levels on a night for deeper sleep.

Warm at night

Warm light down to 2800k

Cool in the morning

Cool light up to 4800k

Warm at night, cool in the morning.

With over 100 increments of dimming the Zuma lighting system enables super smooth adjustments, providing warm to cool colour ranges from 2800K- 4800k

Zuma Lumisonic

Zuma Lumisonic is a ceiling light and speaker. Combining mood-sensory lighting and immersive sound to generate the ultimate ambience at home.

Sound Specs
Sound Sealed Acoustic Audio
Built in amplifier: Class D
Watts: 75w of high quality audio
Multi-room audio: With Alexa and AirPlay
Light Specs
Light Tuneable and dimmable
Beam angle: 52˚ FWHM
Light source: LED package STW9C2PB
Colour temperature range: 2800k – 4800k
Lumen: 530lm
CRI: 90+
Connectivity Zuma app or voice
Wi-Fi, Alexa, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect, Roon Ready

Zuma Luminaire

Perfectly matched to work alongside Zuma Lumisonic, Luminaire is our high-performing downlight giving you natural lighting throughout your home.

Light Specs
Light Tuneable and dimmable
Beam angle: 52˚ FWHM
Light source: LED package STW9C2PB
Colour temperature range: 2800k – 4800k
Lumen: 530lm
Connectivity Zuma app or voice
Connects with: WiFi & Alexa
Control: Zuma mobile app, and by voice with Alexa

A choice of Bezel

Zuma downlight bezels are magnetically detachable from all Zuma lights. They can sit flush into the ceiling to provide a clean and seamless finish.

Available in a range of geometry and design styles to suit any home. We offer pure white downlight bezels or can specially match them to your exact ceiling colour. You can also add the Voice Smart Bezel™ with integrated microphone sensors, allowing you to control sound and light entirely by Alexa voice.

Connectivity with your favourite apps

Proud to be Lincolnshire’s
premier Zuma partner

We’re pleased to be the sole supplier of Zuma lighting in the Lincolnshire area. Book an appointment to our art deco-inspired showroom to see Zuma in action.

“A class apart, offering wireless convenience and superb sound quality whether you’re using voice control or a smartphone.”
BBC Music Magazine
“When they’re installed in multiples the sweet spot vanishes and you’re bathed in glorious audio.”
Wired UK, Staff
Imagine a clutter free future where cables and boxes disappear and all your essential tech is hidden away in your ceiling.
Chris Nutall, Lead Writer
Do I need both lights?

Technically no; however, as Lumisonic acts as a master unit, in all cases, you would need at least one Lumisonic. You wouldn’t be able to simply have only one Luminaire. Even so, the proprietary audio technology is part of the Lumisonic unit so it’s unlikely you would only want the Luminaire in your home.

Why does light help your body clock?

This is all to do with your Circadian rhythm, which is your body’s natural sleep and wake cycle, hence the Latin circadian meaning “about a day”. Cool bright light from Zuma in the morning helps suppress cortisol levels (the hormone that makes you tired). Vice versa, later in the evening the lights become warmer and dimmer helping kickstart cortisol production and help you sleep easier and better.

How much does Zuma cost?

It really depends on the size of your room and the configuration. Some of our clients opt for 8 – 10 Lumisonics so they really feel like they’re surrounded by the music. Whereas some clients opt mostly for Luminaire lighting and add one Lumisonic as a single speaker replacement. It’s best to speak to us for a personalised quote.

Can I put Zuma in my bathroom?

Absoloutley, Zuma is IP65 rated meaning the product has the highest level of dust protection, and is able to withstand low-pressure water jets from all directions – which should be more than enough for bathroom use.

Can I add this to my kitchen install?

Zuma is the perfect companion for a kitchen install. Propel your house into the modern era with a contemporary kitchen and an immersive audio and lighting experience.

I'm not sure which bezel I want

Not to worry, we can show you how both will look as well as give you recommendations.


Tom Derbyshire

Customer Reviews


Had bespoke fitted wardrobes in our bedroom and matching bedside cabinets. Looks absolutely fantastic and at a reasonable price. Highly recommended. Customer service excellent and work team were efficient and professional. Very impressed. Thank you to the team.

Simon Gent

Just had a bespoke kitchen fitted. Wow, it’s fantastic! Every step of the way was excellent. Very happy to recommend to anyone. We are so pleased we have just ordered a bespoke bedroom as well! Regards Simon and Dawn.

Alice House


Manasa Mahdi

Thank you very much absolutely perfect service

Jade Smith

Really happy the remodelling and fit out work done.
Frank & Brian the fitters turned up on time and were professional throughout.
Would definitely recommend.

Emma Collins

Just had my new kitchen installed and I absolutely love it. Fitters were on time and the quality is great. I will definitely be recommending to family and friends.

Karen Thompson

Tom Derbyshire Kitchens recently supplied and installed my new kitchen. I found their costs to be extremely competitive and the workmanship of Frank to be outstanding.

Brian Routledge

This company has just finished installing our new bedroom. I have to say that the fittings and workmanship are of the highest quality particularly considering the very competitive price quoted.
I could not recommend the company more fully and in confirmation of this, a relation who is moving home shortly has seen our bedroom and is so impressed she intends to contact the company for a quote on a new bedroom and kitchen once they have moved.